The Next Steps Patch 4.3 Week 1

Hi all

So patch 4.3 has launched and it brought with it lots of changes, including new dungeons and raids, professions recipes and gear upgrades. Just the night before the patch launched I made a surprise transaction and purchased a guild which left my liquid gold total at 342541g 76s 79c . Having watched the reaction of many gold bloggers on twitter on the tuesday night I was looking forward to the patch hitting for us in the EU on the wednesday.

So the first thing I did when I had chance was start WOW and leave the patching process running while I updated my curse client and the add-ons that I had installed that was updated already. It was wednesday evening by the time I had a chance to log in fully. The first thing I did was log in to my Scribe and learn the new Glyph of Shadow, and started posting my Runescroll of Fortitude II. I then proceeded to work my way through my glyph posting characters and listing them all.

Next I logged on to my Jewelcrafter and posted all my gem cuts then went off to do my daily. It was the elemental goo one and by the time I’d been to hyjal and back I’d already sold half of the gems I listed. So I re listed the ones I’d sold and switched to my Blacksmith and Enchanter.

With my Blacksmith I listed several Ebonsteel Belt Buckles and some shield spikes and weapon chains, before listing some enchants, mainly hand, feet, wrists and chest. After listing these I switched to my shaman alt to do a bit of levelling doing some randoms as a healer. After an hour or so I switched back and listed what auctions I’d sold then called it a night. When I logged on the following day and collected all my auctions I had made 21896g 85s 49c, now I’m sure I could have doubled or tripled that if I’d have sat at the auction house all night, but I prefer doing other aspects of the game while making my gold.

Over the course of Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday I continued in the same vein. Listing my auctions followed by some alt levelling and re listing what I’d sold before I logged off for the night. As the week wore on I also got back into the leatherworking leg armor markets and have scene decent sales here for the first time in several weeks. I ended the week with 401173g 85s 94c in liquid gold which is an increase of 58631g 49s 15c , this has completely recovered what I spent on my new guild purchase and apart from a stack of 10 Maelstrom Crystals and 10 Dream Shards I haven’t touched what’s in that guild bank so far.

On the alt front I have had a descent week levelling and have burned through my rested xp. I really like the fact the quests to a dungeon are located just inside the entrance now. This week I levelled a little on my priest, paladin and shaman. My Paladin is now 49, my Shaman is 41, and my priest is 34. Next I think I will concentrate on my Mage and get that to 75 so I can max his tailoring. With Chaos Orbs becoming trade able there should be a good market there for items that use Dreamcloth at a descent price.



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