The Next Steps Patch 4.3 Week 2

Hi all

So I went in to the second week of patch 4.3 after a very good first week in sales. I still had a fair amount of stock left in the form of gems, ore, and enchanting materials apart from Maelstrom Crystals. So I’ve been sniping these when I can get them at lower prices. All in all I’m not in too bad a state materials wise although if I had the chance to go over what I stockpiled I’d have added more Maelstrom Crystals and Celestreal Essences and some more savage leather. I think I probably overlooked these two professions a bit as I don’t concentrate so heavily on them.

I finished this week with a total of 453388g 06s 31c in liquid gold, this is increase of 52214g 80s 37c over last week and is just over 6k gold short of what I made then too. I was very pleased with my income over this week, although two sales did make up one fifth of my total income.

Using my scribe and his posting allies I continued posting my glyphs in their usual pattern. These alts all bring in a steady 800g to 1500g every time I log in without worrying about the undercutting and cancel re posting cycles that go on. I have been buying up herbs but really need to start processing these herbs and build my stock of glyphs back up.

My Jewelcrafter was my profession with the most sales again and some of the prices on the hybrid gems have begun to slow down again although the Red and some Purple ones are still going strong. The price on Obsidium and Elementium Ore has shot through the roof this past week, from an average of between 40g and 50g a stack depending on time of week to 150g plus a stack with very little listed at all, so this is affecting the number of gems being listed. Hopefully this will encourage the gem markets to stay high as stocks diminish more and more, then when farmers return the prices will stay higher. Unfortunately I very much doubt it will for longer than a few days.

On my Blacksmith I continued selling my belt buckles and prices on these are staying quite high at the minute so that’s good, although I expect these to drop as we get to the christmas holidays. I also listed several of the shield spikes, weapon chains, and enchanting rods that are used. These sold quite well for a few days before the markets were crashed, I swiftly bought out all of the low-priced auctions and raised the prices to where I had them before and now I have stock to sell going forward. Lastly on my blacksmith I looked in to the 365 ilvl weapon markets I usually dabble in these every now and again when they aren’t any listed as there usually is 5 or 6 people who craft these. This week I saw no Unbreakable Guardians up or the Tanking Shield. I quickly crafted these then listed them at 2.5K gold for the shield and 4.5k gold for the weapon, these sold over a period of 48 hrs. When I checked again they was several shields listed now but still no Unbreakable Guardians so I quickly crafted another then this time I decided to list it at a higher price. I decided on 6.5k gold and listed it for 48hrs, unfortunately it didn’t sell but I listed it again at the same price. Within 24hrs this time it sold though and when I got back in to check the markets they was several now listed again, so I will be checking these markets more keeping a close eye on what’s listed and what isn’t. Those three items alone at 6.5k, 4.5k and 2.5k made 13.5k in sales minus the auction house fees and cut at 5% which adds up to over one fifth of my weekly total. Wes over at has a good post on these.

On my leatherworker I have seen descent sales in my leg armors again with the Dragonscale one being the highest listed. The price has doubled and availability of dragonscales themselves has diminished a lot this week so this is helping to keep high prices on them. The Scorched and Twilight armor patches have also seen an upturn in sales.

Other than this I have done a little bit of levelling on some alts but not to much. I have levelled Engineering on my paladin up to 330 and his mining is sitting at 300. I have been buying Embersilk cloth for my mage ready for when I hit level 75 so I can max out his tailoring. His bags sales have slowed a little recently but I expect an influx of sales over the christmas period. I also tried the new Dragonsoul 5 mans on my Warrior and Druid. Doing them on my warrior was a fairly painless experience and a I collected a few pieces of loot for him, with a few more ilvl point I will be able to try the LFR on him. On my druid the experience was far from pleasant though, after the first trash and boss pull I quickly realised it wasn’t working well. After checking my recount I was top DPS as a tank and had done most damage by a large margin. After checking the healing meters a DPS boomkin and my own self healing had done more healing than the healer. After a discussion in party chat that was surprisingly constructive it became apparent this was the first time the healer had tried healing a dungeon. The character in question thanked everyone for there help then left the group. After we got a new healer we carried on and things got a little better although I still ended up second on the DPS meter.

Next week I’m not so sure I will get much time to level any of my alts or play the auction house due to the number of functions and christmas parties that have been arranged so it will be interesting to see how things change over the course of that week.



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