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Before I start running my next weekly series covering the gold I make in-game and how I make it I thought it would be best to take stock of where I am, what stock levels I have, guilds I have access to and materials I own and current liquid gold totals.

Since I last reported my sales from before christmas at the start of patch 4.3  my play time has been limited and sporadic due to Christmas and the New Year which in turn brings its own real life functions and parties to attend, family gatherings and the like, and generally pulls you in all directions limiting your free time.

Over the last month or so when I have found time to play, I have continued with my usual endeavours selling my gems, Belt Buckles, glyphs, and leg armours. While the cost at which these items sell has been higher, the cost to replace and re-craft has also been higher. So generally I have been finding I have the same level of profit coming in as I would on an average week. The raw material cost of items such as Elementium Ore, Obsidium Ore, Twilight Jasmine, Cinderbloom, and Whiptail for instance had been double or more than it was pre patch 4.3.

This would imply that Blizzard broke a lot of the botting programs that nefarious accounts run to gain their raw materials to sell on the auction house. I do not mean to imply that all farmers are botters but I’m sure when scanning the auction house you have all seen the like of what I mean with names like Zzziegxr, XZryyy, or something unpronounceable and 100+ stacks of several types of ore or herbs available every day. Another reason to believe Blizzard broke the botting programs would be the amount of auctions for raw materials listed, some days I would see as few as 5 or 10 stacks listed while other days there’d be 20 odd, usually their would be 400 or 500 plus.

Only now 8 weeks after patch 4.3 launched am I seeing prices return to a level that it was pre patch 4.3 .The process has been slow as the prices drop and auctions increase this would imply players have been out farming in a number that hasn’t been seen since the beginning of Cataclysm.

Characters And Guilds

So with all these factors in place it is an interesting time, to be returning to the auction house. So now you all know how my realm economy stands, let’s look at the characters and professions I have to use as well as the guild space I have available.

> Lvl 85 Warrior Gongrim Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Guild 1

> Lvl 85 Druid Vitality Leatherworking, Skinning, Guild 2

> Lvl 85 Hunter Vorek Jewelcrafting, Mining, Guild 2

> Lvl 75 Deathknight Epidermuss Alchemy, Inscription, Guild 2

> Lvl 74 Mage Zappety Herbalism, Tailoring, Guild 1

> Lvl 53 Paladin Brothergrimm Engineering, Mining, Guild 3

> Lvl 45 Shaman Celestreal Herbalism, guild 4

> Lvl 34 Priest Virtues Herbalism guild 5

> Lvl 23 Warlock Calliarla Tailoring Guild 6

These aren’t my only characters but show my characters that have max level professions or are levelling to max level, or are guild leaders of my storage guilds on my home realm.

Guild 1 – Is a lvl 25 guild, 7 tabs, partial use 2-5 items per tab

Guild 2 – is a lvl 7 guild, 6 tabs, unlimited usage per tab

Guild 3 – is a lvl 1 guild, 3 tabs, unlimited usage per tab

Guild 4 – is a lvl 1 guild, 6 tabs, unlimited usage per tab

Guild 5 – is a lvl 1 guild, 5 tabs, unlimited usage per tab

Guild 6 – is a lvl 16 guild, 7 tabs, unlimited usage per tab

All in all I have access to use 34 guild bank tabs if they are needed. Guild 1 is a level 25 guild that I joined on my mage to get the benefit of the levelling perks, I will also buy the heirlooms to any characters that need them. I have since then also moved my Enchanter in to this guild to take advantage of the Bountiful Bags perk. Guild 2 is my main guild on this realm and has been my home since half way through WotLK, it is a small guild that comprises of just 5 or 6 regular players and Is bereft of any of the drama than some of the larger guilds contain. Although it can be very slow to gain guild XP as not everyone is around.

Guilds 3, 4, and 5 are all just level 1 storage guilds, they mainly contain trade materials. In these tabs I have three full of various cloths, two full of various herbs, two of vanilla, BC, and WotLK enchanting materials, and one each of roughly 60 stacks of Elementium Ore and Pyrite Ore. The other tabs are where I tend to just dump things until I can sort them out and have a mixture of items in them. Between these guilds I also have 9970g 13s 62c in gold in them.

Guild 6 is a guild that I purchased just before patch 4.3 landed and contains a variety of items in its guild tabs there is glyphs, herbs, ore, enchanting materials and gear. I currently haven’t got round to sorting this guild bank out, but I plan on writing a series of posts on how I advance this guild and income derived from it.

As for my current liquid gold total it Is standing at 466685g 63s 11c it has fluctuated up and down over the past month. As although I have listed auctions when I had time to play I have also been spending some of it. I took the chance to MrRobot some of my characters so I know where I need to improve my gear to be able to run the LFR tool as it requires 372 ilvl to enter. So far I have purchased Boneshard Boots and Dragonbelly Bracers and a Flintlocke’s Woodchucker for my hunter and Rooftop Griptoes and Bracers of Manifold Pockets for my Druid. I have also purchased the epic flying for my mage which is 5k in gold without discounts.

So that is where I stand at the moment and I will re-commence my weekly series from Wednesday the 18th of January, so the first post in this series will be after the following Wednesday.



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  1. #1 by Billyj on 17/01/2012 - 7:50 pm

    Hey epi,
    one trick that I used to get my alt into LFR is to buy the crafted pvp gear or make it with your blacksmith. You don’t even needto equip it just have it in tour bags and it will
    raise your I lvl high enough so you can get in. One problem with that is that if you are at the bottom of the charts for your role or not
    pulling your weight they might kick you our. Happened to me once when o kept winning gear. Thanks for the update and ask mr robot is a good tool for figuring our gems and enhNts. Another good website is It is really helpful for rotations glyphs spec. You name it. It helped me raise my dps quite a bit.

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