Profit and Loss WC 18/01/12 to 25/01/12

Hi all

So here we are at the end of my first week back making a concerted effort at making gold in World of Warcraft. This week didn’t pan out quite how I had it planned but over all I am quite pleased with how it all panned out. I only had the chance to log on four nights during the week, as opposed to the five or six I had planned. I finished the week with a total of 473630g 41s 77c in liquid gold, this is increase of 6944g 78s 66c on the previous weeks liquid gold. While this isn’t a very large total I am still rather pleased with it as I had dropped almost 15k gold on some herbs and ore the first night I played, so in effect I’ve really seen a income of around 22k gold this week. So far I have prospected about half of the ore that I bought with the Carnellians going towards making Inferno Rubies and the rest being made in to rings and neck pieces for disenchanting purposes, while I have milled about a quarter of the herbs to be used for refilling my glyphs.

Professions Used

My jewelcrafter is one of the mainstays of my gold making endeavours, and continues to be so. This week my major sellers have been Bold, Brilliant, and Delicate Inferno Rubies as they usually are. Aswell as the Adept and Reckless Ember Topaz cuts and the Shifting, Veiled, and Purified Demonseye cuts. On the Meta front my biggest seller was the Burning cut. I completed the jewelcrafting daily each time I logged on this week and we had the Zephryte quest once and the Nightstone quest three times.

On the Inscription front I spent an hour one night refilling some of the glyphs that I was running low on. Then listed them on there usual cycle of 48 hrs. The runescroll market had been dragged down to roughly 9g – 10g per scroll, so rather than undercut I posted mine at 25g per scroll and over the course of the week the price has rebounded so competition is all listing around this mark now. Dust of Disappearance on the other hand has been a big seller this week, with a crafting cost of 1g46s for this batch I made it has been selling very well between 8g – 8g 50s per piece. While the profit of these isn’t staggering, it soon adds up. When you’ve sold a 100 of these at 6g profit that’s 600g and it quietly adds up to some nice profits.

Lastly I used my enchanter to make some scrolls for sale this week. My biggest sale from enchants was a Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Landslide at 2300g. Although I did see some good sales in numbers for Enchant Cloak – Greater Intellect and Enchant Chest – Mighty Stats. On the materials front Dream Shards and Greater Celestreal Essences have been slowly dropping this week from 100g + per to between 70g – 80g per, while Maelstrom crystals have been going the opposite way and are currently nearer 250g each.

In Conclusion

Overall I am quite pleased with how the week panned out with the limited time I got to play, even though I was probably behind the eight ball profit wise for most of the week. Next week I plan on doing some of the Lunar festival achievements on my druid and maybe doing the final push past 75 on my mage so I can then start working on maximising my tailoring.



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