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Hi all

Well I’m back today with february’s instalment of Colds Blogging Carnival, February’s topic is what’s your secret or favourite auctioneering, business, crafting, or farming spots in the World of Warcraft. Now I have several favourite spots for conducting my auction house and crafting ventures in World of Warcraft and most of these are situated where they are purely for their ease of use or due to the systems I use to play lack of lag.

The City of Peace

When I am on my scribe there is only one city that I like to craft in. With the release of Cataclysm this city went from a bustling full city that was always busy to a quite peaceful city that still has links back to the old world and this place is called Dalaran.

There are several reasons I like to keep my scribe in Dalaran, but the best reason is probably ease of access to all the vendors auction house and bank space I need aswell as lack of lag therefore making crafting easier. If my scribe is crafting he will collect his empty bags and any inks from the Bank of Dalaran between the Sunreaver’ s Sanctuary and Antonidas Memorial and mount up and ride 10 seconds to The Scribe’s Sacellum. With the aid of TSM and my craft que he will buy his parchments from Larana Drome and trade any inks that are needed from Jessica Sellers. After this I exit the building and stride over to the mailbox outside The Legerdemain Lounge and continue to craft using the Mailing feature incorporated in to TSM to mail the glyphs to my other glyph sellers, once I have finished I will take myself back to the bank and place any glyphs I still hold in their correct bags and swap the now empty bags back with my bags full of glyphs. To post my glyphs I visit the steam-powered auctioneer Brassbolt Mechawrench in the Like Clockwork engineering shop once I have posted my cycle and anything else I want to post I will exit the building and walk across the way to the mailbox which is found in between the alchemy shop The Agronomical Apothecary and the bottom of the steps up to the jewelcrafting shop and trainers at Cartier & Co Fine Jewellery. When I next log on I can collect any sales then head over back to the auctioneer and scan, cancel or repost any item I want.

Forged in the Heat of a Furnace

One of my other favourite places to spend my time while resting or doing auction house work is Ironforge. My two other glyph sellers spend their time in Ironforge and from the auction house to the mailbox and bank/guild banks it is barely a 10 second walk.

One of the main reasons I like Ironforge as a base for my characters is the general atmosphere of the area. Dwarven mythology has always fascinated me and I suppose this is what draws me to them in World of Warcraft. Ironforge as a whole is a fairly easy place to navigate. It is a circular place with the main forge in the centre with various profession trainers situated round the central area in buildings. Round the outer ring are the Class trainers aswell as a few vendors and the Tram that connects to Stormwind.

In the auction house there are a few other players but nowhere near as many as in stormwind so you have an easier time clicking on an auctioneer as they aren’t covered and the same goes for the mailbox’s you don’t find people standing over them with their mammoths and other large mounts blocking the way. The forge for my Blacksmith and vendors for the likes of Vellums and Jewelcrafters Setting needed by my enchanting and jewelcrafting are situated close enough to the auction house. Once mounted it is a short 20 to 30 second ride through on of the passageways from the outer ring to the inner ring of Ironforge and a short ride back once items are crafted to the auction house. If I want to get to Stormwind for the portals to any of the cataclysm zones or any other reason it is a short griffon ride, or tram ride or I can leave through the gates of Ironforge and ride with my own mount south-west over Dun Morough and reach Stormwind in a matter of minutes. If I need to go to Outlands there is the portal to the Blasted Lands then it is a short ride through the portal there.

In Conclusion

Those are just a couple of my favourite areas for crafting and going about my auction house business in World of Warcraft, I also have favourite areas for farming various ores, herbs, leathers or Elements/Volatiles as the situation is needed, what are your favourite areas in WOW and why ? Please leave and comment and share your reason why.



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