Profit and Loss WC 25/01/12 to 01/02/12

Hi all

So here we are again in my weekly posted series noting my gains or losses of gold through my professions, this week I finished with a grand total of 500971g 81s 88c In liquid gold. After finally breaking the 500k barrier which seemed so close at the start of patch 4.3, this means I have an increase of 27341g 40s 11c on my previous week. All together this week I managed to log on 5 times again currently I don’t get much time to play over the weekends as I have previous arrangements organised.

On the profession front this week I used my Blacksmith, Enchanter, Inscription, and Jewelcrafting. I managed to find a little bit of time to process some more of the previous quantity’s of Ore and Herbs I’d purchased. I think it’s worked out quite well on the materials front as prices of raw materials have been rising again slowly over the last week.


With my Blacksmith I concentrated my efforts on the Ebonsteel Belt Buckle markets these have been selling for around the 225g each mark. With a fair bit of competition around at the minute I have been listing these in two’s and three’s and keeping tabs on them so as not to waste posting fees. Other than this I manged to sell a couple of the Pyrium weapon chains and shield spikes and one Elementium Rod for 450g.

On the Enchanting front I have mainly been selling the Boot, Back, and chest enchants. My biggest seller price wise for the week was a Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Power Torrent at just under 2k in gold, and my biggest seller by numbers was the +15 stats to chest enchant again. I’ve had a bit more competition in this market this week with prices hovering around the 200g mark. But I don’t think that’s a bad price for a enchant costing a couple of Lesser Celestial Essences.

For my scribe and glyph mules this week has been rather quite, only selling about half of what I’d normally sell during the week, but I have the feeling someone has tried walling the market to some extent over the weekend as a lot of the prices have been low balled to around the 30g – 45g mark when the where consistently over the 100g mark before for most glyphs. Runescroll of fortitude ll’s have sold slowly this week also but there prices have held firm, although Dust of Disappearance had sold very well this week ranging between 8g – 9g depending on competition and time of the week.

Lastly on the profession front is my Jewelcrafting, this like most weeks has been my biggest earner. I only completed the jewelcrafting daily twice this week with it being the Zephryte one once and Elemental Goo one the other time. All the usual red cuts have been good sellers as usual aswell as the orange and purple cuts. Although this week has seen good sales on the Agile and Burning meta cuts too aswell as the Fractured and Quick Amberjewel cuts. The Amberjewel cuts don’t sell for high prices like the Inferno rubies do but you can’t really complain about the investment when I bought them at vendor price and there bringing in between 40g – 50g each.

Alts and other news

This week I have spent some of my time collecting some of Elders for the Lunar festival, but I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with doing the festivals. After not playing much over christmas myself and missing the Winterveil festival on my druid and hunter. I’m not sure if I’m going to carry on and get them all done. I’ll probably do some of the simpler things and maybe collect enough items each holiday for the pet that’s offered rather than go all the way. One thing holiday dailies help with though if you have a toon with low guild rep is helping you build that reputation so that maybe some thing to look in to on some of my lower level characters or characters I’m leveling or if I changed guilds although I have nothing planned as of yet. Other than this I spent a little time on Tuesday night finishing my final push to 75 on my mage, I spent the time herbing while I waited for the ques to pop on my looking for group dungeon que. So next week now I finally have reached level 75 I can look into maxing my Tailoring and selling some of the Embersilk, Herb, or Enchanting bags. Aswell as looking in to the profitability of some of the dreamcloth items. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get far with the Fireland or later crafted gear, but the spellthreads may be a good option.

In Conclusion

Otherall I am very pleased with how the week panned out, and hopefully some of the prices will stay high while the cost of the raw materials will fall a little again, although I hold little hope for that. I am glad to have got my mage up to level 75 so I can explore the highest level of tailoring, and look forward to figuring out my profitable areas in it. It’s always good to add a new profession to the stable at max level offering you more opportunity’s to earn an income in-game.



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