Profit and Loss WC 01/02/12 to 08/02/12

Hi all

Well here we are again at the end of another week in World of Warcraft. This week I finished the week with 528519g 34s 15c in Liquid gold, this is an increase of  27547g 52s 27c over my previous week. Over the course of this week I managed to get online 5 times again missing the friday and saturday due to my prior arrangements, which thankfully I’ve got a few weeks off from till the end of february before the next one.

Professions Used

My Blacksmith continued to craft the enchanting rods and shield spikes and weapon chains. With steady sales in these. The Ebonsteel belt buckles have continued to dip in price but are still selling well currently they are sitting around 180g per.

On the enchanting front sales have slowed a little this week, I’d expect this is due to a lot of people concentrating on doing the holiday achievements more than running the five mans or Dragon Soul raid. Although my biggest seller in numbers again was enchant chest mighty stats (+15) although the haste to hands did quite well to. Some of these lower level cataclysm enchants really are quite good profit margins with a lot of enchanters concentrating on the higher end enchants. Other than this I created a few of the +100 health and mana chest enchants for the bind on account gear, with a crafting cost of around 10g per enchant. I have sold 2 of each so far this week at 100g each.

My Scribe and his posting mules continued with their steady schedule of posting once in a 24 or 48 hour period and continued to bring in a steady income. The Runescroll of fortitude market had once again been crashed with several single stacks or stacks of 5 for a little over 5g per runescroll, so I bought these all up totalling 47 Runescrolls then re listing them at 25g a price on 48 hour cycles. Having reset the market everyone is posting around this mark again and I have sold 17 of the 47 I bought so far. Dust of disappearance has been a steady seller again this week fluctuating between 8 – 9 g depending on day of the week.

My jewelcrafter once again made up the biggest amount of my sales with the usual red cuts selling the most. Other than these special mentions go to fractured and quick amberjewel cuts who sold well this week aswell as the agile and revitalising meta cuts. Although over all sales where down this week. On the daily front I did two zephryte dailies and one elemental daily. Now the epic gems are becoming more available through the auction house or trade I’m getting tempted to buy some of these recipes and expand in to these markets. I think I may keep an eye on what the market trends are for a week or so before I do though.

Alts and other news

On my mage I have continued levelling a little and am now 76 and 3 bars I have also been picking up more embersilk cloth. After consulting and checking through what I already had stored in guild banks I had around half of the cloth needed to completely level to 525 in tailoring. So I have been snatching up any cloth I find under a price of 2g 50s per piece. All in all by the time I’ve finished purchasing the cloth I need as I already have some volatiles saved up from my Living Elements transmute and paid the training costs I reckon it will stand me at around 4k in gold which should be easy enough to pull back with bag sales. So next week I will be levelling my tailoring as I’m almost there on the materials front.

In Conclusion

All in all I’m quite pleased with how the week went making a touch over 5.5k for each day I logged on, collecting nearly enough materials to finish levelling my tailoring. My hunter is now raid ready and able to use the looking for raid tool, while my druid and warrior are just a couple of points short. It is just a matter of time and valor points or drops from the 5 mans to get these to characters ready too.



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