The Guild, Lessons and the Future

Hi all

As my regular readers will know on the night before patch 4.3 launched here in Europe i made a rather large and surprising transaction by purchasing a level 15 guild. When I first purchased the guild I didn’t really think much more of it as I was primarily focused on patch 4.3 landing and potential profits through sales there. So at first I’d just log on periodically trying to get to know anyone that was online. I cast an eye over the guild bank and ranks and permissions making sure no one could ransack the guild bank if anyone got hacked or anything and pretty much left it at that, checking back over the christmas period making sure no one could usurp me as guild leader and in January and that was pretty much it.


Towards the end of January when I found I had more time in WOW than I had over christmas I started to reflect on my new guild and what I’d like to do with it. Since I’d bought it I hadn’t really done anything with it apart from use a few things from the guild banks to turn them in to profit using my professions. After looking back and taking stock of what I’d done and how far it’d progressed I was quite disappointed more in my self than anything else as it’d gone no where really. The guild had lost some 45 members during this time, 8 of these where the previous guild masters toons. Most of the rest where low-level toons below level 20 as had been deleted although there was 5 in the 75 plus range. This was an opportunity going to waste, so I set out to look at what I’d like to do with it and how it’d be possible but first I looked at what it’d cost and what I’d made back so far.

The Cost

When I first purchased the guild it cost me 35k in gold and came with 148 members and 7 guild tabs with at low estimates 15k in gold worth of materials and items pre crafted in them also there was 2k in gold already in the bank. Since I have purchased this guild I have taken out of the guild bank the following

> 1 ilvl359 cloth boots 1000g
> 1 ilvl359 leather boots 1200g
> 10 Dream Shards (A)
> 10 Maelstrom Crystals (A)
> 30 Greater Celestreal Essences (A)
> 6 Ebonsteel Belt Buckles 1500g
> 1 Bold Inferno Ruby 225g
> 1 Delicate Inferno Ruby 225g
> 1 Pristine Hide (B)
> 10 stacks of Embersilk Cloth 400g (C)
> 10 stacks of Elementium Ore 750g (D)

(A) enchanting materials were converted to scrolls and brought in just over 9500g in total

(B) converted to a leg armour bringing in 750g

(C) price used is low-end of what a stack cost

(D) price used is the average cost of Ore at the time

After taking the original cost I paid for the guild and taking off the gold already in the bank the guild stood me at 33k in gold. So If we take off the prices of what I’ve taken out of the guild bank and used, sold or processed in to other items which is 15550g the guild stands me at a cost of 17450g . If we then take off the passive income from the guild perk cash flow rank 2 which is 700g That leaves me with the guild standing me at 16700g gold with plenty of items still in the guild bank itself including a page of glyphs, some levelling gear, bags and a few other things.

Ideas for the Future

So after much thought and consideration, I have decided some of the goals I’d like to achieve with this guild. Some of these goals are gold making related while others are general in scope.

> Get the guild to Level 25 for all guild bonus’s

> Earn back what the guild cost through perks

> Create a community for players of all persuasions ( be it PVP or PVE content they prefer )

> Achieve some guild achievements

Now to get to the point where I can achieve some of these goals is going to take some work. The first thing I need to do is transfer the guild leadership to one of my more played characters, so after discarding my level 85’s who are settled in to where they are this leaves my Mage, Death knight or Paladin. Of these three it will probably be one of the mage or paladin as these are the two. characters I am levelling currently. Once I have transferred one of these to guild leadership position, the first job will be to sort out the current roster of players. I will do this by restructuring the current ranks, the current ranks are just called member and guild leader. I will be adding a few new ranks the first will be recruit for new members, the second will be called AFK for members who haven’t logged in for a period of two months or more, lastly there will be a rank called senior member for characters over level 70. I will finally add a rank called assistant or overseer, this rank will be given to people once I have a good feel for the guild and will be for people to help run the guild, ie organise guild runs achievement runs etc.

Once I have sorted the roster out my plan is to try to get to know the players who log on regularly in the guild, I will use the officers notes function to remember names and alts etc. While doing all this I will also need to sort out the guild message of the day, guild details, basic rules, and guild bank access. My plan with the guild bank is to use the first tab as a deposit tab giving everyone access to look and deposit items. Guild banks tabs 2,3, and 4 will have access and deposit rights by members, but these will be limited to 2 items per day at first. The member rank will have no other access to the guild bank. Senior members will have access and deposit rights to tabs 2,3,4,5, and 6 their access will be limited to 4 items per day at first. The final guild bank tab will only have access and deposit rights for me the guild leader but that will be expanded upon as the guild takes shape.

Once all the guild bank and current roster is sorted it is time to start motivating existing members and expanding through recruitment. My first aim in guild is to try to formulate some idea of community. One of the ways to do this is to encourage guild runs of dungeons. Having already had a look through the roster I have noticed a few clumps of characters around the same level, so if I can get the players working as a team this will have two benefits. Firstly it will award good guild experience for the guild and the player allowing both the guild and players to advance. Secondly and more importantly if I can get these runs started at consistent times and days it will form a good bond between players and encourage friendships and guild pride and teamwork. Thus making players more inclined to reciprocate and carry on doing similar things more often.

While encouraging the existing players I will also be recruiting from the unguilded population on the server. Rather than blanket recruitment just inviting everyone willy nilly, my idea is to recruit people with the idea of creating a community for players to enjoy a friendly casual experience. Trying to ex toll the virtues of what we are doing and use the guild perks what we already have as benefits to any characters that join.

Hopefully going forward I will be able to recruit and encourage the guild to grow with a good core of between 20 and 50 players who regularly play. Enabling the guild to grow and form in to a friendly casual enjoyable place to play.

So there we have my reaction, thoughts and ideas for the guild I purchased from the beginning to where we stand now. Hopefully I can work on creating some of the ideas I’d like to see happen and take things forward from there. What do you the readers think ? Is it all possible are they any areas you think I have missed ? Would you like to be part of the journey. Let me know all your thoughts and ideas.



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