Profit and Loss WC 15/02/12 to 21/02/12

Hi all

Well here we are again at the end of another week in World of Warcraft. This week I finished the week with 578668g 29s 60c in Liquid gold, this is an increase of  50148g 95s 45c over my previously reported sales. That amount is slightly larger than I usually report and there is a reason for this, I didn’t report any sales for the period from Weds 08 Feb thru Tues 14th Feb due to the fact I didn’t check and keep a proper record of this period. Although if I estimate what I typically make and the amount of times I played during that period it would add up to around 16k in gold, so that in turn would mean I earned around 34k during this week.

During the period from the 8th – 14th feb I managed to get online three times, during this period I only listed my gems, glyphs, dust of disappearance and runescrolls from what I usual list. This is mainly down to the fact that I concentrated on my mage. I had managed to pick up the last of the materials I needed to level my tailoring and so I levelled this profession to the max of 525, crafting bags and spellthreads where possible. I also continued to run the random northrend dungeons and managed to get my mage to just tick over to level 78 during this period.

Professions Used

During this last week I have again stayed away from my Blacksmithing, Enchanting, and Leatherworking, concentrating on my Inscription, Jewelcrafting and learning the ropes on my Tailoring a bit more. This has been a welcome change of pace and it’s always handy to have a good knowledge of plenty of different markets, for when the markets change or crash. As then you always have other ways of earning gold in-game.

My jewelcrafter was once again my leading gold maker with the Bold, Brilliant, and Delicate Inferno Ruby cuts leading the way on amounts sold. Other notable sellers where the Adept and Deadly Ember Topaz, the Purified Demonseye, and the Fractured Amberjewel. On the Meta front my biggest sellers this week where the Burning and Bracing cuts. Over the past couple of weeks I haven’t done too many of the daily Jewelcrafting daily but I have completed two. The two that I completed where the Zephryte and Elemental Goo dailies, leaving me on a total of 83 tokens.

On my scribe and his posting alts I have continued with their usual posting patterns. I have also continued to refill what has sold and have used up the last of the bulk of herbs I purchased towards the beginning of January. I have managed to snatch up some cheap inks and herbs to help with my next refill. I purchased fifty Lion’s Inks at 1g a piece and 20 stacks of felweed at 20g a stack, then 30 stacks of Whiptail between 48g – 50g a stack, where there usually listed between 60g – 70g at the minute. My Dust of Disappearance has been a solid seller again this week with prices between 9g – 10g for most of the week, with the good portion of the sales coming just after server resets on Wednesday. The cheap runescrolls I managed to pick up have continued with steady sales too, and at the end of the week I’ve noticed that Mysterious fortune card prices are on the way up again so I may look into this market again.

Lastly we have my tailoring, to reach the max level of 525 I followed the guide over at closely. Firstly the few items of cloth armour I made to start the process that where level 80 I saved one of each piece as I knew they would come in handy for helping with the ilvl needed to enter cataclysm normals, the rest were sent to my enchanter to DE then the hypnotic dust was sent back. The rare level spellthreads I made have seen mixed success, the ghostly spellthread doesn’t have too much competition and have been selling steadily at around the 100g mark. While on the other hand the enchanted spellthreads have been going for around 30g a piece with lots of competition and not many sales. The epic spellthreads which take dreamcloth have ranged from 350g – 450g a piece during the course of the week, with a massive surplus of them being available and coming in to the market at weekends. If this trend continues it may be a good time to buy up low-priced stock to re-list during the week from Monday – Friday, but I want to get a better understanding of the market trends before I do this.

On the bag front, the first set of 5 Embersilk bags I made sold very well and fast for 425g a piece with only one other bag available at the time. So I quickly made some more and listed those selling three more of them over the first night they were listed. After that first night the price slowly dropped as more people entered the market then during the weekend it went from 400g down to 300 gold. Again I suspect this might be a market to watch and maybe pick up cheaper good at the weekend to resell as by monday night the price had reset itself. All together over the course of the week I sold 16 of these bags, meaning I sold as many the first night as the rest of the week, they are also a handy way to get rid of some of the Hypnotic Dust I have piling up on my enchanter.

Next we have the trade bags you can make as a tailor, the Hyjal Expedition herbalism bag and Otherworldly enchanting bag. I managed to sell each of these that I made while levelling for 550g for the herb bag and 450g for the enchanting bag on my first listing. After there first listing I didn’t make any more straight away as they had again been plenty listed by competition. After waiting till the weekend had passed I decided to craft some more then, post them at the price I had originally, by the monday night the competition had thinned again and the price had reset again to near my original price. I managed to sell one more of each of these bags before the Wednesday reset of realms.

Lastly we have the Frostweave and Netherweave bags, the Frostweave bags sell steadily at around the 250g mark while the Netherweave are currently around the 15g mark. I tend to list 4 Frostweave and 10 Netherweave bags at a time on 48hr setting replacing what sells every time I check on my tailor.

Alts and other news

So over the course of this week aswell as running my auctions I have continued to level my mage some more. This week I managed to get him to level 80, finally hitting that mark on a run through Halls of Lightning. After equipping the cloth armour I’d made my ilvl was still a bit low to enter the new cataclysm normal dungeons. So after a quick look at my character sheet and seeing how low the ilvl was on my rings and trinkets and hand slot, I took a trip to the auction house. I purchased a cheap pair of hands and trinket as well as two of the rare quality jewelcrafting rings, which only cost 40g each. Thinking about it after I made a little mistake here as their was a good fifteen or sixteen listed at this price, I should have bought them all for disenchanting purposes but by the time I’d thought about it they had all sold. Other than this I made a start on the re-arranging of my guild structures on the guild I purchased, I decided to swap in my Paladin as the guild leader and made a start on my plans.

In conclusion

Overall these last couple of weeks have been fairly productive on the gold and alt fronts and I’m very happy with how things are coming along. I will probably push on with my mage over the next week or so to get it to 85 although I’m not sure I’ll concentrate on gearing it up to much yet, but that’s a decision for the future. After this I will work on my paladin and one of my healers probably in tandem to keep them in rested XP.



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