Profit and Loss WC 22/02/12 to 28/02/12

Hi all

Well here we are again at the end of another week in World of Warcraft. This week I finished the week with 600578g 71s 55c in Liquid gold, this is an increase of  21910g 41s 95c over my previously reported sales. Over this last week I managed to get on 4 times, I played Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday. I didn’t play over the weekend as it was my youngest sons birthday, so I spent the weekend toy shopping, building the lego he wanted and visiting a farm before having his friends round for a little party. For the next couple of weeks I’m looking forward to some peaceful free time before a hectic end to March, where I have a wedding, an anniversary and three birthday party’s and Mothers day to attend in the space of ten days. But enough of that let’s cover what I’ve been doing this last week.

Professions Used

Over this last week I have stuck to the same three professions I have been using, Jewelcrafting and Inscription have for a long time been my biggest earners. The markets that I sell in using these two professions I know pretty well and can run them pretty much on autopilot. I have noticed an overall slow down in these markets for the last week, and would expect the same next week before seeing a resurgence come easter time. When people have a bit more time to play with the bank holidays and time off work school, and using this time to level alts or gear up existing level 85’s more.

One other thing I have noticed this week is the availability of Elementium Ore is increasing and the price is decreasing, on a more permanent basis than it has been recently. To me this would indicate one of two things, the human farmers that sprung up when the price rocketed after 4.3 have got really efficient at there routes and are pulling more ore in, or that we are starting to see the return of bots which are used against blizzards ToS. Other than this on the jewelcrafting front Inferno Rubies and Shadowspirit meta gems have been the biggest sellers by volume again. I didn’t complete any jewelcrafting dailies this week, I really should work some more on those to get all the patterns.

On my scribe this week as well as my usual markets I have been crafting some Mysterious Fortune Cards, I have been crafting around 50 a day a just placing them in with the other auctions available in different stacks like fives and singles. I haven’t done any Barking in trade to sell them myself as a character called Ketbank has been doing that most nights, so having seen this I thought I’d let someone else do the work and collect some easy sales. Most nights I would sell most of them, for no work which is always nice. If your interested in learning about Mysterious Fortune Cards and how to bark and sell them well Cold over at Coldsgoldfactory has some great posts to get you started and a great guide to really get in to the mind of selling them which is available here.

On my tailor I have continued to monitor the wider market while concentrating on selling bags and spellthreads. The Netherweave bags have been the biggest sellers by numbers again and I sold 82 of them this week, and I managed to pick up 30 stacks of netherweave for just 2g each so that added an extra little bit of bonus profit to their price which is usually between 4g – 5g each stack and sell for between 15g – 17g per bag.

Alts and other news

On my mage Zappety I have continued the levelling process I have got to level 82 I ran a few random cataclysm normals with the dungeon finder while questing in Mount Hyjal. Having levelled this far I have run out of rested XP now so the last push will be a little longer. Once I get to 85 I have yet to decide how I will gear him. On my paladin I have concentrated on finishing the restructuring of my guild and getting to know the members more. I have done a little recruiting, but I think the weekend and during the easter holiday will be a good time to do some concentrated recruiting.

In conclusion

Overall I’m fairly pleased with this weeks progress, my liquid gold total keeps on going in the right direction and I am making progress in levelling characters and growing my acquired guild.



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