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Well I’m back today with March’s instalment of Colds Blogging Carnival, March’s topic is

Using your knowledge that you have gained from auction house experience: If you were starting over as a gold maker, what is one thing you would do differently than the first time, and why ?

Now after evaluating how I go about running my daily auction house work, I would say theirs probably a few place’s where I would have done things differently if I started all over again, but one in particular that would have made the biggest difference


When I first started attempting to gather some wealth via the auction house in world of warcraft I was very reluctant to use too many addons. I started off in a few markets and new my pricing structures just the same as I learned the ebb and flow of given markets over the course of the weeks and months. Re-investing the profits on more stock to make more goods again or space to keep the stock and to work towards learning more and more professions.

As my list of professions grew and markets I sold goods in expanded, I found I was taking longer and longer to list the auctions I wanted to sell. So finding this I decided to look in to a few addons to help improve the speed at which I could post. After searching through the various add-ons available at and trying several including Auctioneer, Auction Lite and others I settled on Auctionator as my auction add-on of choice. This worked well for a while until I started to learn inscription on my Death knight.

Now anyone who has a scribe in world of warcraft will know the enormous amount of space that can be taken up, by creating glyphs and selling them on the auction house, especially if you attempt this on one character. First you have the herbs you need to mill to make the inks, second you must have storage for the inks and parchments to make the glyphs. Lastly you have the actual glyphs themselves. Now all this lead me to having the same problem as before so I was taking to long to post things, it also lead to a second problem in that it was harder to keep running totals of the amount of stock I was carrying and where it was kept.

So all this added up together left me to go off in search of add-ons that could help me simplify the task of managing all this. So off I went to search curse for some add-ons again, I quickly found altoholic which was a great help for keeping track of my storage and stock quantities, but I did find it a bit bloaty at the time so I turned off the components I didn’t really need and just used the ones for bank and character storage and stock as well as the auction house quantities. This vastly improved my knowledge of my stock and was more accurate. On the add-on front for posting I wasn’t quite so sure where to go, so I decided to search google to see what other players used and did. After a bit of searching I found there’d been a bit of controversy over a add-on that posted automatically, and blizzard had stepped in a effectively broke the add-on, thus requiring one keystroke for one action. In the end I found two add-ons that stemmed from the original add-on blizzard had broken and had work around to make them legal against blizzard ToS. These two add-ons were called Zero Auctions and Quick Auctions, I ended up using both of these add-ons at varying times due to lack of updates or patches breaking something in them. I continued to use both of these add-ons until there was a release of TSM which incorporates the best bits of all those add-ons and others and improves on them.

In Conclusion

After looking back and evaluating my experiences I would say it is the lack of using add-ons for a long time that held me back in my auction house endeavours. Now as it stands using add-ons like TSM and Auctionator greatly improve the amount and speed at which I can post auctions and allow me to have knowledge of stock and pricing on so many more levels than before.

If I was to start over again or advise people where to go from a starting position, it would be to incorporate add-ons in to your daily auction house routine. But I wouldn’t advocate them to solely rely on them either, we all know the problems that can emerge for authors of add-ons when blizzard releases patches. If your solely reliant on add-ons for your pricing and ability to post auctions when they aren’t working your missing out on some of the prime times to make the quickest gold on the auction house.



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