Remote Auction House, Your Experiences Wanted

Hi all Today I’m going to do something a little bit different. For a good three months now I have watched on twitter or listened to pod casts to people talk or discuss the virtues of the remote auction house and how good it is. Up until now I haven’t really thought about it to […]

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The Guild, Lessons and the Future

Hi all As my regular readers will know on the night before patch 4.3 launched here in Europe i made a rather large and surprising transaction by purchasing a level 15 guild. When I first purchased the guild I didn’t really think much more of it as I was primarily focused on patch 4.3 landing […]

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Profit and Loss WC 01/02/12 to 08/02/12

Hi all Well here we are again at the end of another week in World of Warcraft. This week I finished the week with 528519g 34s 15c in Liquid gold, this is an increase of  27547g 52s 27c over my previous week. Over the course of this week I managed to get online 5 times […]

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Profit and Loss WC 25/01/12 to 01/02/12

Hi all So here we are again in my weekly posted series noting my gains or losses of gold through my professions, this week I finished with a grand total of 500971g 81s 88c In liquid gold. After finally breaking the 500k barrier which seemed so close at the start of patch 4.3, this means […]

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