Mount Hyjal and beyond


So I’ve been levelling my druid these last couple of days. He was up to level 81 and 8 bars from all. the herbing I did when cataclysm first hit, but he needs to be level 84 to see the vendor in Twilight Highlands to get the recipes there, to max out his Leatherworking.

So I headed over to Ironforge got my buff foods etc out of the bank before heading over to Mount Hyjal and working my way through the quests their. After completing them all I had just dinged 83 and was Revered with the Guardians of Hyjal.

While questing I used a potion of Treasure Finding I managed to pick up 15 of the Tiny Treasure Chests from the mobs I killed. These contained 87 pieces of Embersilk Cloth, 10 Pyrite Ore, 6 Volatile Earth, 6 Volatile Fire, 4 Volatile Life and 4 Volatile Water. That is a nice little return just from the mobs I killed while questing. I would say these are well worth it to buy while your levelling any character through Cataclysm content, doing dailies in Tol Borad, Deepholme or even if you just fancy grinding mobs for an hour.

So now the choice is do I head to Deepholme or Uldum. The smart thing would probably be to do the quests in Deepholme till the dailies are open then switch and work through the quest line in Uldum, as there is only one daily that I have scene in Uldum.

So what do you think readers Deepholme or Uldum? Help me decide.


  1. #1 by Meemo on 28/02/2011 - 11:41 am

    Never heard of a “potion of Treasure Finding” will have a go at this next time I’m doing my dailies!

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