Profit and Loss day 14


So here we are at the end of week two, 14 days in to my experiment and this is my progress for week two. I finished the week a mere 11g short of 50k in liquid gold so in total i made 17934g 65s 52c so that’s a increase of 8077g 95s 69c.

To make my gold this week i followed a lot of the same principals i did last week, so that made my Jewelcrafting the largest earning profession again. This week i prospected 70 stacks of the Obsidium Ore i had in my Guild Banks, splitting some to make meta gems and some to make Carnelian Spikes and Jasper rings for disenchanting.

Currently the market for Greater Celestial Essence on my realm have risen to around the 50g mark per single while the Hypnotic Dust market has crashed to under 5g per single. I suspect this is through people running the LFD tool, as most of what is listed is are singles, doubles and triples, and you see more armour than weapons. You can still make good sales in this market listing stacks of 10 and 20 at double the going rate of a single so this is what I have been doing.

This week the Jewelcrafting daily has mainly been the Stardust one, but the two times it has needed gems it has been Zephryte and they have been selling for between 150g – 170g per three stack. Other than that I have been selling the rest of the gems uncut mainly although I have been seeing the price of cut uncommon gems rise from the 9g – 12g mark too 25g each on many of the straight stat gems. This will be a market to watch as the next week progresses I think we are starting to see most of the gems cut for levelling purpose’s leave the market.

Besides my Jewelcrafting I used my daily Living Elements transmute on my Alchemist gaining 3 Volatile Earth, 2 Volatile Fire, and 3 Volatile Water. With my Inscription on the same character I have been buying Blackfallow Ink. at between 5g -7g50s making Mysterious Fortune Cards and selling them at 15g – 17g50s. I have also been trying to source a good herb supplier but I’m not having much luck at the minute.

Other than this my Leatherworker has sold a few more leg armours and hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be 84 so I can take a closer look at the hole market and while I am at it I hope to have chance to check my Blacksmith again I have been checking on this periodically and a lot of gear that is made from levelling has started to exit the markets and the prices have started to rise.


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