Profit and Loss WC 29/02/12 to 06/03/12

Hi all

Here we are again at the end of another week in World of Warcraft, this week I finished the week with 616875g 87s 85c in liquid gold. this is a increase of 16297g 16s 30c over my previous reported total from this last week. This week was a bit of a strange week for me in that I had some extra time to play but didn’t really take advantage of it. I managed to get online five times during the week and that was Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and I concentrated more on the final push in levelling my mage than working on the Auction house, although I did do a little with my Tailoring and Jewelcrafting just to keep things ticking over.

Professions Used

With my tailoring it was a good week for bag sales, and the spellthreads kept selling at a steady pace. The Powerful enchanted spellthread was by largest seller by amount while the rare level Ghostly spellthread had decent sales at a price point of 100g each. On the bag front I sold two Hyjal Expedition bags at 650g each, and one Otherworldly bag at 550g. I also sold twelve Embercloth and Frostweave bags at price points of 350g and 250g respectively. But my biggest seller by numbers by a long shot was the ever reliant Netherweave Bags. In total I sold 102 of these bags over the course of the week ranging in price from 12g through to 19g each. I have noticed a fair bit of Netherweave cloth has been available lately at cheaper than usual prices, so I have been buying that out when ever its available. Over the course of the week I picked up 62 stacks at 2g and another 38 at 2g 50s, I will be trying to stock up a decent amount of this before MoP launches as I expect netherweave bags to be great sellers to any new panda’s rolled.

On the jewelcrafting front all the usual seller’s did well again, led in numbers by the Inferno Ruby cuts, although for the first time in a long time the Inferno Ruby cuts have been below 200g and stayed their all week

Alts and Other news

Other than my professions a generous slice of my income this week would have come from the Therazane quest line in Deepholme and the dailies their, as I did this over the course of two nights to get the required rep needed for the head enchants. I am surprised this far in to the expansion that blizzard hasn’t dropped the rep requirements on these and made them Bind on Account like the shoulder enchants are. I finally managed to ding the final push to 85 on monday night before I logged off, I am undecided yet weather I will spend any time gearing this character up. I am also considering another pass of the Firelands dailies so I can get the bag patterns from the vendors their.

Other than this I tried some more recruiting in the guild I purchased with mixed success, we gained some members but lost a few too so I guess its swings and roundabouts.

In Conclusion

Overall I have had a fairly solid week, bringing my total number of 85’s to four gaining the rep I need for head enchants, and bringing in a little profit at the same time. I will probably take a week or so off from levelling before I start on levelling my paladin or maybe reverting back to my shaman who would be the first healer class I have tried levelled to max level.


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