Summer Time Blues

Hi all

This is my post that I wrote for Cold’s Blogging Carnival unfortunately I didn’t get chance to post this in time for the carnival, but you can still read all the other articles here.

The topic this month was Have you had to adapt your Gold making for the Summer ? I found this a fun topic and what you find during the summer is similar to the Easter and Christmas breaks it just lasts longer.

The first thing to realise about the summer break and any other holiday time is anyone who plays that has something to do with education has a lot more time to play, especially students from comprehensive’s, college’s or University’s, but it not just confined to these groups. So what that means is people have more time to play that they dedicate to professions or the auction house.

All in all holidays mean more competition and lower prices much like the influx you see on weekends, which means you need to work harder to make your gold. Personally I look at holidays more as a chance just to keep things ticking over and as a good time to level alts professions and pick up lots of bargains to squirrel away for later use. As aswell as more competition holidays bring greater amounts of materials and commodities, and bargains to be had.

Typically this is what I see happening over holiday periods, the first week you see a steady fall in the price. Most trade goods and items crafted from them are about 10% – 20% cheaper than a usual weekly price, with a small increase in auctions. By the second week and running though the main part of a holiday the price has usually dropped some more probably another 10% and the competition is fierce. With more trade and crafted goods listed. Camping and price wars frequently break out on trade chat. This can be a good time to pick up cheap enchants gems items for disenchanting for later use.

One other thing I see a lot is competition on trade chat to craft epics, if you’ve just levelled up a alt some nice crafted gear can be purchased. All of this builds up to the last week of the holidays, where the competition is generally at it fiercest, undercutting wars are rife on the auction house and on trade, as player try to get every last bit of gold they can while there play schedule allows them extra time.

This is my favourite time of any holiday period, and this is the time you will find the most bargains available weather its cheap ore or herbs to stockpile or epics you know you can flip safely in a couple of weeks time for 2k + for more gold. Generally within a week of the holiday period ending all the cheap trade goods left have been sold and the prices rise again sometimes to the same levels they where before the holidays sometimes to more. I use this period to take stock of not only all the materials I have in guild banks but also on the state of the markets I play in and the competition.

The main thing to take away and learn from any holiday period is that it take’s more work to earn your gold in game, but this is a good time to buy things up and level alts and profession’s to add strings to your bow. So you have more coverage of different markets, for when some markets head south so to speak.

So their you have it, that’s my take on what I personally see happening around the summer and major holiday periods.



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