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A couple of months a go I wrote a post on which is a EU version of, well any one who follows Blizzards Blue post’s will have scene that blizzard released a new APi at the beginning of August.

What this means is websites can send a query directly to blizzard for information such as a character and its armor guild etc, think AskMrRobot, or the amount of companion pets a character has, and thankfully now they can request data straight from the Auction House. So what this means is sites like doesn’t have to rely on user generated data through auctioneer or Trade Skill Master to generate their information. You can find more about it here.

So what does this mean to you the wow auctioneer ? Well firstly it means you can see reliable data entry over a period of time for any market your interested in graph form.

So if we take a low level herb like Silverleaf here is a graph for the previous 7 days taken at 6pm on 24/08/2011 alliance side Dragonblight EU

KEY: Individual auctions are marked as blue circles, darker cirlces mean more items at that price/date. Gold line – minimum price, green line – market value, thick green line – linear regression (linear tending price).

It shows us the price distribution over those seven days and minimum price and market value plus the trend price of the item.

As well as that on the rest of the page you can see Live auctions at last scan, Pricing stats, 180 day price and availability graphs, and Price distribution over the last 7 days. So there’s a fair bit of information to fall back on.

So how will this help you ? This can help in so many ways and all this information will help you get up to speed on any market you like. As a example let’s say your a Jewelcrafter and you have all the main Blue, Red, and Yellow cuts. You want to expand into the hybrid cuts so that’s Green, Orange, and Purple and have several tokens ready. First you could go over to to see the most common used hybrid cuts then check their availability and price distribution on to make a final decision on what to get.

Other uses would be checking materials and final product values for any new markets you want to get into, or checking out a new realm if you where going to transfer for what’s valued higher than on your original realm to take with you. It could even be used to check commodity prices between factions for some cross faction trading. That’s just a few ideas off the top of my head I’m sure they are numerous other uses.

Aswell as wowtrader you can also use the information available on items at Then there is a similar site that used to be just American and Oceanic realms but now cover’s English speaking EU realms called , then lastly there is the new comer on the block and this is a site I heard about on the instance podcast and that is so there is a growing list of sites with information available to help you conquer your realms auction house.



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