WOWtrader and you

Hi all

Today I want to talk about a new site I have been using which is a EU equivalent of The Undermine Journal, this site is and this is something I feel gold makers in the EU have been missing out on.

So after reading Alto’s interview with the owner of wowtrader Acy which can be found I decided to head on over to the site and have a look round and try out the features.

When I looked round the site I found it clear and easy to understand, and there was lots of servers already with data for them unfortunately my main server wasn’t one of them but never mind. The premise of this site is that you become a member and upload your scan data from Auctioneer. You can do this once per hour for your faction. The site then gives you the ability to look at graphs and data entry of items you’d like to sell and plot trends in markets or spot gaps in the markets.

That data collected for the graphs like all auctioneer programs will be more reliable the more people who use it and the greater the amount of users there is. That’s where you come in dear readers, if your based in the EU head on over to wowtrader and start using its features and adding data collection points. Get your friends, family and guildies involved and start scanning and up loading your data.



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