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Hi all

So another month has passed and it time for another Colds blogging carnival, this months topic is Why do you play the Auction House. As many of you who read the gold blogs may know Cold has been having a few computer and internet problems but I’m going to post my entry anyway.

When i first started blogging i wrote a couple of posts about why i started to play the auction house and basic ideas i grew with.

In this MMO we play called World of Warcraft, Blizzard has made it so that you can participate in multiple different aspects of the game. Some people like PVP, some Raiding, some collecting pets and mounts, others achievements.

Personally I don’t raid, or do much PVP but I run heroics with guildies work on achievements and like to play the Auction House. I also like to experience all the different classes and races so I have many various alts across many servers.

Unlike many people I didn’t get into playing the auction house to get a fixed amount of gold, say 1 million gold for example. I like to play the auction house as part of my overall game experience. It is something I can do separate to guildies and friends when there not around or you’ve had enough of running heroics or doing firelands dailies.

For instance If I’d started a new alt on a server where I have no other characters at all or friends. I would use the auction house to sell materials I’d gathered or vendor items that sell to get myself a base of bags and storage before I expand to crafting professions etc. Where as if I started a character on a server where I already have gold and storage I would use the auction house to help me expand my professions. To enable me to use them to earn more gold.

Overall I see the auction house as an interesting mini game within the MMO setting of World of Warcraft, and a useful tool in allowing you to gain in-game currency to further your characters progress in other avenues of the game. It also can teach you lessons to handle real world situations involving trade and real world savings, or currency.

What does the auction house mean to you ?



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