Week in WOW and Goals


This week I have just about completely ignored the auction house, and I have concentrated on levelling some of my lesser alts. This has been a surprisingly enjoyable change of pace.

I have been running a mix of dungeons and questing and have levelled a mage from 30 to 48 using frost spec, and a Warlock from 32 to 40 using destruction spec. So far I have been enjoying seeing the revamped 1 – 60 content that Blizzard released with Cataclysm, I must say the levelling has been streamlined a lot and I have enjoyed a few of the quests like punching Deathwing in the face.

Aswell as levelling I have been thinking about some of my goals that I wanted to set myself, so after a bit of thinking I have set myself a few short and longer term goals.

– Level my mage to 55 and tailoring to max 375 level to access netherweave bag market.

– Learn the tailoring market.

– Level at least two more alchemists to max level.

– Increase my liquid gold to 500,000g

Over the coming week I aim to keep up the momentum of my levelling and will start my new profit and loss series from the 14th of september. So that’s about all I have done this week in WOW and where I plan to go from here.


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