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Hi all

So another week has passed and like I said in my Week in WOW and goals post  I will be starting my auctioneering journey onwards and upwards from the 14th f September. I start this week with 245982g 93s 43c in liquid gold. I have sold a few items over the past week but nothing special although I have made a few purchase’s.

This week I have purchased formula Enchant Bracer – Major Strength and formula Enchant Bracer – Agility for my enchanter I have been wanting to purchase these since they were released, but I didn’t bother at first as they were listed at 100k plus. I waited for them to come down in price but I never got round to buying them but I bought them last week for 2k gold a piece.

On my warrior I also purchased a few heirloom items. I bought the leather helm for 1500g, the Agility cape for 1,200g and a second Balanced Heartseeker for my new baby rogue for 2,175 justice points. As an experiment I will be trying to level it through battlegrounds. I also purchased the cloth helm and mail helm which are currently with my priest and shaman. In total I spent 5700g this week on heirlooms.

I also thought it would be worth going through  some of the materials I have stored away in my personal guild banks, and ones I have access to. In total I have 14 tabs of personal space over 4 guilds and full access to another 7 tabs. Included in my personal space are 2 tabs full of Pyrite Ore, 3 tabs of various cloth, probably around half a tab of Linen, Wool, Silk, Runecloth, Netherweave, and Frostweave. 1 tab of various herbs enough to level alchemy to profession level 300 and 1 tab of various cataclysm herbs for use with alchemy to transmute gems or to mill for blackfallow inks to make Glyphs. there is also 3 tabs full of enchanting materials, 1 of Vanilla and Burning Crusade materials, 1 of WotLK materials, and 1 of Cataclysm materials. With my other personal tabs having bits of bobs of other trade goods.

On the levelling side of things I’ve managed to get my new rogue to level 12 so far, my Warlock to 43 and Mage to 53. I plan to keep on rotating through these to level them some more, keeping them in rested XP as much as I can. On the profession front I managed to level past 300 skill in tailoring and I am now sitting at 340 and have started making Netherweave bags to try out this market. my current cost is 4g on each bag and I have listed them at 10g 45s per bag



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