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Today I have done something a little bit different and exchanged posts with a few of me fellow bloggers, today Flux of Powerwordgold has brought a post over for you all to read.

If you wish to read my blog post for today it is being hosted by Nev over at Auction House Addict

My 3 Best Selling Items in Cataclysm

by fluxdada

I thought I’d take some time to go back over my MySales data and pluck out my three best-selling items
in Cataclysm. I’m going to write a little bit about each along with how and why I sell them. While each
gold-maker is unique in how they make their gold I think there are things we can all learn from each

Top Seller #3: Inferno Ruby (Raw) – 29K in Sales

With the changes Blizzard did to the stat weights in Cataclysm primary stats (Strength, Agility and
Intellect) became so much better than all other stats that it almost never makes sense to socket anything
but pure stat gems. All pure stat gems are pure red. Inferno Rubies are highest pure red in the game.

I tend to sell the majority of Inferno Rubies right after a major patch happens. This is the time when
the highest number of players are acquiring new gear and needing to socket it. You can never have too
many Inferno Rubies to sell when a major patch is coming. That said, you can certainly sell these in
between major patches if the price spikes (often due to low supply).

I spend much of my time in between patches stocking up on Inferno Rubies. I do this through
prospecting cheap Obsidium/Elementium ore and purchasing or farming cheap Heartblossom. I then
transmute Inferno Rubies on a transmute specced alchemist in a guild with Bountiful Bags.

(It should be noted that the number above is for raw Inferno Rubies. I tended to watch raw and cut
prices and make an effort to sell raws for near the cut prices. If you added in my cut Inferno Ruby sales
the total would be around 90K.)

Top Seller #2: Truegold – 48K in Sales

This one came as quite a surprise I have to admit. I had shifted half of my (4) transmute specced
alchemist’s Volatile Air transmutes to Truegold in preparation for Patch 4.2 and it seems to have paid
off. The demand for Truegold did spike about a month after 4.2 when players started to make recipes
from Firelands daily vendors.

Truegold was one of the solid gold-making techniques I used in Cataclysm. Often Truegold sold well
over material costs. That along with the transmute specced Alchemists chance to proc extra bars meant
it was a no-lose situation. As time went along and mat and bar prices equalized it made more sense to
move to Volatile Air.

If you do the math on your server and material vs. bar prices look right it can be a good money-maker.
That said it has many more required materials compared to Volatile Air transmutes and I often found
juggling all of them to be a bit cumbersome.

Top Seller #1: Volatile Air – 87K in Sales

This has been my gold-making workhorse for this expansion. I was able to find (3) “extra” profession
slots among my characters in order to add to my original transmuted specced alchemist. I run a total of
(4) transmute specced alchemists all doing Transmute: Living Elements in Uldum (Guaranteed Volatile

Air) each day.

While I know it varies from server to server the price I’ve been able to sell my Volatile Air for has been
rock solid at 200-250% of Volatile Life prices. I have an average of 60 Volatile Air produced each day.
Volatile life tends to hover around 8g each (I farm my own Volatile Life when it goes above 8g) which
is a total of 480 gold each day in materials. I sell my Air for an average of around 22g each for a total
of 1320 gold. That is relatively passive income of around 840 gold.

While 840 gold per day might not seem like a lot when you figure the whole process (if I don’t need to
farm Volatile Life) takes a grad total of the 5 minutes it takes to log in and out of 4 characters then I’d
say that is a very efficient use of gold-making time. And the demand have never disappeared.

The market has never tanked. I believe the main reason for this is there are only a few ways to obtain
Volatile Air (mob drops, transmutes and engineering extractor while gathering). As with anything that
is hard to obtain the prices tend to stay high.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my walk through my top three sellers so far in Cataclysm. I guess looking
over this list I’d guess you would say I’m a raw materials sort of gold-maker. It works for me and my
personality. I tend to me more of a tortoise than a hare when it comes to making gold. I like the feeling
of steady (somewhat) guaranteed income over large high-risk gold-making gambits.

In my case slow and steady wins the race.

Hope you all enjoyed this change of pace today



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