The next step Week 1

Hi all

So this is the first week in my continued journey at the auction house I started the week with 245982g 93s 43c in liquid gold. This week I started using my jewelcrafting and inscription to get the ball rolling, so I made a steady start before not playing at all over the course of the weekend. I have spent a bit of time with my family this week as one of my brothers is off to Germany for a year as part of a university course he is taking, I then returned to the auction house action on the monday and carried on where I left off. I finished the week with 266014g 21s 51c in liquid gold, this is an increase of 20031g 28s 08c. I am quite pleased with this increase as I haven’t really been concentrating solely on the auction house, so it’s a nice bonus. If I carry on making 20k a week I should reach 500k in liquid gold by the middle of December. Also on the auctioneering front I decided to go with TSM over Zero Auctions. I currently have all the glyphs and gems set up in their own categories, and am working on Enchants and Blacksmithing next.

On my Jewelcrafter I am sitting at 82 Jewelcrafting Tokens and I have two guild bank tabs of Pyrite Ore. Now anyone that reads or follows the blue posts will know there has been an announcement regarding Epic Gems in 4.3. Now this has left me with a little to think about regarding my stock but I don’t think we’ve heard the last about this. I’m not to worried though as most of my stock was bought at 60g a stack so can be smelted for use in belt buckles, truegold or even prospected for profit still or even resold.

As for my scribe I have been slowly building up stocks of glyphs for each class using the inks and herbs from my guild banks. Currently I have Death Knight, Druid, and Hunter glyphs on one character. Paladin, Priest, and Rogue on another, and Mage currently on my scribe. Leaving me with Shaman, Warrior, and Warlock to complete them all. I am also going to make a move back in to the Mysterious Fortune Card market.

With my Alchemist I continued to do the Living Elements transmutes this week I received 1 Volatile Fire proc, 2 Volatile Air procs, and 2 Volatile Water procs. I am still doing these just sat in Dalaran but am considering putting him in Uldam and buying a ring of the Kirin Tor for a hearth back to Dalaran to do his auctioneering work.

On my enchanter I haven’t really made any new scrolls this week but I have managed to shift a few of the Intellect to Cloak enchants I purchased for peanuts. I have been looking through the recipes I have and the recipes needed for BOA gear and weapons and am working on acquiring them all at the minute aswell as finding the best place to acquire the materials needed to make them.

On my Blacksmith I re entered the Ebonsteel Belt Buckle market and made up a few of the enchanting rods. I bought out 15 gold rods that were priced between 1g – 3g and reset them to 75g and have sold two of them already but the under cutters are back trying to force the price down again. I think my plan with my Blacksmith will be to re-open up one market at a time, as I build up more stocks and my TSM settings.

Lastly on my Tailor I have sold a couple of the bits I made while levelling mainly the Runecloth gear but most of it has been disenchanted for sale or use in enchants. I have made a start in the Netherweave Bag market though listing 10 at a time on 48 hour listings. With a cost of 2g50s a bag these could be a nice little side market. By the time I had listed some a few times I was getting instantly undercut again so I must be making an impact on someone’s market. Over the course of the week I managed to sell 48 of them.

On the alt front I did very little levelling this week but made a start on the Brewfest achievements on my druid and hunter. Hopefully I should get them done pretty early and I hope to keep on levelling my alts some more in the next week.



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